Tell me everything! Amazing plants Soil samples Energy exchange Wondrous Plants Unusual Conditions One more experiment

Ancient Hut New veg patches On the verge of mystery Empty notebook Chemistry lessons Illegible handwriting Secret code

Vitaminous cocktail Value of Vegetables Newly drawn milk A little bit of pastry Main Course Dessert!

Melons for breakfast Goat collection Pickles and sweet fruit stews Fruit desserts Potato soup Chicken diet Plush animals Let's continue the search The most precious toys!

Uninvited guests Preparations for a holiday Playing with fire Danger from the depths Lord of the Storm Explosive fun

Unknown trouble Consulting with specialists Collecting Specimens-Tree Additional research Reagent for research Vaccine Missing Ingredients Herbal medicine Saving the species

Elders' Gift Strawberry jam Fire! Add Spices Rice fields Simple food Ideal climate!

1.New research 2.Fireproof equipment 3.Make a fire 4.New riddle 5.Additional experiment 6.Island evolution 7.Finding the Answer

Fishery Looking for killer The pier is ready! Professional fisherman Fishing with friends Hodgepodge

  • Fishery (starts at level 6, contains 6 parts)

Pasture arrangement Colts Special treatment Juicy grass blades Gold horseshoes Beautiful racers Island breed

Floating Debris Knowledge is power Big Bang Theory Operation Anti-Croc Blast from the Past The Orange Sphere

Cats family Cheetah care Go cheetahs! Squeamish monkeys Melon diet Friends with tails Hippos on the Island! Friend of animals

Working place Prepare truffels 3.Truffle Oil 4.Sourish accent 5.Mix and spice! 6.Get energized 7.A slender store

Bow and Arrows 1 Bow and Arrows 2 Bow and Arrows 3 Bow and Arrows 4 Bow and Arrows 5 Bow and Arrows 6 Bow and Arrows 7 Bow and Arrows 8 Bow and Arrows 9 Bow and Arrows 10

Little Raccoon Little Raccoon-II Little Raccoon-III

One question Where is he Yummy chicken legs Angry Dogs Come, Rex! Surfer-dog Fidget A dog bed for Rex Good news

New Medicine Mysterious thief Annoying bird Lessons in ecology Nectar for the hummingbird Cosy nest Carefree life

Evidences from the T-I Evidences from the I-I Expert's opinion Food for reflection Associations Shadow of the past Serpents vs. Shadows We need to talk

Mysterious temple Let there be light The Expedition starts Archeology Lunch break Treasures everywhere

1.Beautiful island 2.Desserts 3.Beach day 4.A new dress 5.Masquerade

Making a Fire Dinner for Ticky Late supper Fire flowers Lights in the night sky Safety comes first Let's add more colours Grand show

Plane Crash There's a survivor! Rescue operation Building a Ladder Valuable Notes Smart Journey Research Greenhouse The Joyful Science Great News Materials for Research Collecting Specimens Second List

Poor Pony Poor Pony-2 Poor Pony-3

Pirate Ghost Lace shawl Gathering the Team Forgotten memories Healing-picto

1.Strange sounds A creaking door 3.Who is there 4.Half-opened door 5.Searching out the Fort 6.Strange footprints 7.White ants 8.Still waters 9.Keep Out! 10.Another note 11.Doing the Puzzle 12.New cipher

  • The Old Fort (available after upgrade 1.84; contains 12 parts)

A small step Interesting comet facts Fascinating Comet facts The Final Frontier And yet it's spinning! The Tailed Traveler

A house for the elders Completing construction Greeting the guests Tikki Amulets Warrior mask

1.Vegetable salad 2.Diet soup 3.Nice and healthy! 4.Beat the thirst! 5.No chips! 6.Dearest hot-dogs 7.Vegetable salad

The house under the Oak-tree Balanced feeding Home decoration Treat for piglets New residents Truffle hunt Golden Boar