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This week you've got a chance to get a Brazil Turtle. Make a carnaval on the island and have fun!

------------------------------------------------------------Time Limit: 7 days---------------------------------------------------

Brazil Turtle Picto-1 Unusual guestEdit

Part 1: Looks like you've got a new animal on your island...But you can't see anything behind the trees.

  • Cut down 7 Trees.
  • Water 15 Coconut Palm plantlets.
    (Can be bought in the Store/Shop. Costs: 1560 Coin, Watering time: 36 hours)
  • Harvest from the Apple Tree 10 times. (Harvest time: 12 hours)

Wow! In the thicket there's an unusual guest - a Brazil Turtle!

Reward: 500 Coins, 150 Experience

Brazil Turtle Picto-1 Let's show hospitalityEdit

Part 2: The turtle has travelled a long way! You've got to feed it.

  • Feed the Turtle 5 times. (Feeding time: 2 days 6 hours)
  • Have 5 portions of Rice with mango.
    (Can be found while harvesting the Mango Tree. Harvest time: 1 day 6 hours)
  • Find 10 Grass blades with dew.
    (Can be found while harvesting Flowers. Harvest time depends on the colour.)

Great! You're doing well!

Reward: Revitalizer 4x4 Rwd Revitalizer 4x4, 100 Experience

Brazil Turtle Picto-1 Brazilian CarnivalEdit

Part 3: In Brazil they make fabulous carnivals. Why not organize one on the island?

  • Find 10 portions of Colonists' punch.
    (Can be found while harvesting the Lemon Tree. Harvest time: 16 hours)
  • Make a Lei. (Can be made in the Dressmaker's. (needed: 10 Flowers, 1 Spool of threads)
  • Plant 20 Anemone beds. (Can be bought in the Store/Shop. Costs: 102 Coin)

Great! The carnic(v)al will be a succes!

Reward: Lunch Box Lunch Box, 100 Experience

Brazil Turtle Picto-1 Preparations are going onEdit

Part 4: Going on preparing for the carnival.

  • Have 10 Butter dishes from the improved Hut. (Reward time: 1 hour, 12 minutes)
  • Make 8 Rum Cocktails. (Can be made in the Arbour. Needed: 2 Syrup, 1 Rum)
  • Place 4 Fences of leaves (Fencing made of leaves) on the island.
    (Can be bought in the Store/Shop (Decor). Costs: 1500 Coin)

Great! Everything is almost ready!

Reward: Tomtom with storcks Tomtom with Storcks, 500 Coins

Brazil Turtle Picto-1 Festive decorationsEdit

Part 5: What fest can do without fireworks and flowers?

  • Pick 10 Flowers.
    (Can be obtained by removing "natural" Vegetation, by asking them from Friends or by buying them for a Totem a piece.)
  • Start 10 Yellow Fireworks. (Can be made in the Cauldron. Needed: 3 Gunpowder, 23 yellow Petals)
  • Exchange the Turtle Collection for a reward 3 times.

Great! it looks terrific!

Reward: 10 Amulet-Rwd , 100 Experience

Brazil Turtle Picto-1 Finishing strokesEdit

Part 6: Some more finishing strokes and everything is gonna be perfect.

  • Find 3 Plush Turtles.
    (Can be found while feeding the Turtle. Feeding time: 2 days 6 hours)
  • Make 15 Turtle-shaped Balloons.
    (Can be made in the Festive Table. Needed: 1 Raw Rubber, 4 Energy)
  • Feed Turtles on your friends' island 30 times.

Hurray! The carnival is a success!

Reward: Brazil Turtle Brazil Turtle


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