Clever Monkeys Banana gingerbreads Lab equipment Individual tutoring Bananas in Chocolate Well-fed monkeys Culture exchange Getting over Stress

Housing Conditions New assistants New house! Resettled Let's accept greetings

High-altitude construction work Stocking animal foods Bird Hatchery! Practical breeding Let's make the Bird Hatchery habitable Let's collect the Garin Drops

Upgrading the Workshop Take the plane! The house is finished! Streetlamps and Fences Rocking chair How neat

Preparing a nest Apricot stock Hey,baby bird! Jack is happy The parrot's growing! Getting busy Jack has grown a bit Feathery friend

A real Robinson dinner Tropical shake Heavenly Dessert Balloons for the Feast Balloons...

Favorable climate Getting ready for the trip Baggage A bar on the island Light Snacks Grand Opening Work conditions First Cocktail Taste Testing Lucky chap

A working place Cutting off the needless Completing the construction Tropical widgets Sombrero The best stitching In search of inspiration

A small Improvement Workaholic Research Station Unusual Soil Island Breeding Additional Materials

Give me your heart Island Romance Love Letters Island Delivery Service Holiday Treats One More Bite