--------------------------------------------------------Time Limit: 57 days 6 hours----------------------------------------------

1.Christmas! Christmas!Edit

  • Buy a Christmas Tree. (costs: 540 Coins, 18 Wood)
  • Find some Melon mousse from the Melon Collection. (Can be found while harvesting Melons. Harvest time: 3 min.)
  • Sell 6 adult Pigs.
Reward: 150 Experience , 5 Sheep-Rwd Sheep

2.Meeting Santa Meeting SantaEdit

  • Use Santa's Ship. (Can be found South-East of your Island)
  • Find 5 Sugarplums on a friend's Island.
  • Sell 5 adult Ostriches. (Feeding time: 8 hours; to grow an adult Ostrich takes 16 hours)
Reward: 150 Experience , 4 Wheat-Rwd Wheat

3.Christmas Decorations Christmas decorationsEdit

  • Buy 5 Christmas Wreaths. (Can be bought in the Shop/Decor. Costs: 550 Coins)
  • Buy 3 snow Fences in the (Winter) Store.
  • Find some Mutton (Lamb) ribs on your Island from the Sheep Collection.
Reward: 200 Coins , 3 Colorful Ribbons-Rwd Colorful Ribbons

4.Sweet Sugarplums Sweet SugarplumsEdit

  • Upgrade the Christmas Tree at least 1 time.
  • Find 12 Sugarplums.
  • Help friends 35 times.
Reward: 75 Wood , 2 Ostrich-Rwd Ostriches

5.Cheerful Animals Cheerful AnimalsEdit

  • Play with Christmas Animals 5 times.
  • Find the Cap from the Christmas Collection on your Island.
  • Find 2 Doughnuts (Bagels) from the Wheat Collection on your Island. (Can be found while harvesting Wheat. Harvest time: 24 hours)
Reward: 500 Coins , 4 Grapes-Rwd Grapes

6.Final Preparations Final PreparationsEdit

  • Harvest 12 Wine patches (Grapes) on your Island. (harvest time: 1 hour)
  • Find 5 Noisemakers from the Christmas Collection.
  • Get the crops from 25 Corn beds on your friends'islands.
Reward: 5 Energy , Giraffe-Rwd2 Giraffe

7.Waiting for Christmas Waiting for ChristmasEdit

  • Wait till Christmas to get a gift from under the tree.
  • Give your friends 15 Christmas Tortes.
  • Find 7 Snowflakes from the Christmas Collection.
Reward: 250 Experience , Winter Sheep-Rwd Winter Sheep


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