Daily Bonus (Recurring Quest)

Visit the game for 5 days in a row to gain bonuses every day!

Daily bonus!

  • Day 1 Reward: + 10 Experience
  • Day 2 Reward: +100 Coin
  • Day 3 Reward: +200 Food
  • Day 4 Reward: + 10 Energy
  • Day 5 Reward: +   1 Amulet

Every consecutive day visited after day 5, you will receive an other amulet.
When you don't open the app at least once, on any given day, the rewards will reset.

Hint: Daily Bonus is contingent on what time you originally installed the application (i.e. if you installed the app at 11 a.m. your "day" starts at 11 a.m.) making any time visited after that, qualify for the daily bonus.


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