Uninvited guests Uninvited guestsEdit

  • Drive wild animals away 5 times
  • Find 3 Acorns from the Wild Hog Collection
  • Help friends 10 times
Reward: 500 Coins , 4 Pumpkin-Rwd Pumpkin

Preparations for a holiday Preparations for a holidayEdit

Reward: 100 Food , 4 Carrot-Rwd Carrots

Playing with fire Playing with fireEdit

  • Buy and put up the Campfire decoration
  • Buy 3 Torches with cup
  • Accept help from friends 20 times
Reward: 75 Wood , Balloon Submarine-Rwd Balloon-Submarine

Danger from the depths Danger from the depthsEdit

Reward: 3000 Coins , Balloon-dirigible-Rwd Balloon-Dirigible

Lord of the Storm Lord of the StormEdit

  • Neutralize the mine (needed: 6 Books, 3 Flasks, 5 Wire Cutters, 4 green, 7 red and 5 blue Wires)
  • Find 5 Baskets
  • Find 9 Sheep shearing scissors
Reward: 5 Energy Energy , Dynamite 4x4-Rwd Dynamite 4x4

Explosive fun Explosive funEdit

  • Use Dynamite 1 time
  • Find 10 Potato chips
  • Find 5 Wine
Reward: 250 Experience , Dynamite 4x4-Rwd Dynamite 4x4 , Barbeque-Rwd Barbeque
Next: Day of the Best Hunter (Time limit: 5 days)


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