Dying Tree

Unknown trouble Unknown troubleEdit

  • Get to the Tree Isle
  • Collect Fruit from the Tree of Life
Reward: 150 Experience, 500 Coins

Consulting with specialists Consulting with specialistsEdit

  • Return to your island
  • Speak with Undugi
  • Speak with Doctor Ross
Reward: 150 Experience, 500 Coins

Collecting Specimens-Tree Collecting SpecimensEdit

Reward: 75 Food , 4 Zebra-Rwd Zebras

Additional research Additional researchEdit

Reward: 250 Experience Experience , 4 Sheep-Rwd Sheep

Reagent for research Reagent for researchEdit

  • Find 25 Vials of oil in the Temple on your island
  • Find 9 Potato peelings
  • Find 15 Scissors from the Sheep Collection
Reward: 1500 Coins , 6 Grapes-Rwd Grapes

Vaccine VaccineEdit

  • Create 2 Trees at the Greenhouse 
  • Find 3 Grape leaves on your island
  • Find 17 Seeds from the Watermelon Collection 
Reward: 250 Experience , 4 Sheep-Rwd Sheep 

Missing Ingredients Missing IngredientsEdit

  • Collect reward from the Cauldron 2 times
  • Find 12 Pumpkins on your island
  • Find 18 Wool from the Sheep Collection
Reward: 10 Energy , Lucky Cocktail Lucky Cocktail

Herbal medicine Herbal medicineEdit

  • Collect Fruit from the dying Tree 50 times
  • Send 15 gifts
Reward: 500 Experience, Courageous Cocktail-Rwd Courageous Cocktail

Saving the species Saving the speciesEdit

Reward: 1000 Experience, White Willow-Rwd White Willow

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