Dying Tree-Header

Unknown trouble-Super Unknown troubleEdit

Something is happening to the Tree of Life. It could be dying, you must find out what is really happening.

  • Get to the Tree Isle
  • Collect fruit from the Tree of Life
Dying-Tree II-Undugi
Reward: 150 Experience, 500 Coins

Consulting with specialists-Super
Consulting with specialists

It seems that the Tree of Life is dying. Maybe Doctor Ross and Undugi know something?

Dying-Tree II-dr Ross
  • Return to your island
  • Speak with Undugi
  • Speak with Doctor Ross
Reward: 150 Experience, 500 Coins

Collecting Specimens-Tree-Super Collecting SpecimensEdit

Doctor Ross needs samples to find out why the Tree is dying. It won't be hard, but making a tool for collecting samples could be tedious.

Reward: 75 Food , 6 Zebra-Rwd Zebras

Additional research-Super Additional researchEdit

Part 4: Doctor Ross said she doesn't need much, but maybe you should collect more samples, just in case.

Reward: 250 Experience , 8 Sheep-Rwd Sheep

Reagent for research-Super Reagent for researchEdit

Part 5: Doctor Ross needs some reagents to finish her research. It shouldn't be too hard to find them on the Island

  • Find 45 vials of Oil in the Temple on your island
  • Find 16 Potato peelings
  • Find 28 Scissors from the Sheep collection
Reward: 1500 Coins , 12 Grapes-Rwd Grapes

Vaccine-Super VaccineEdit

Part 6: It's clear why the Tree is ill, and it won't be easy to save it. but you're not easily frightened, are you?

  • Create 4 Trees at the Greenhouse
  • Find 4 Grape leaves on your Island
  • Find 25 seeds from the Watermelon Collection
Reward: 250 Experience , 8 Sheep-Rwd Sheep

Missing Ingredients-Super Missing IngredientsEdit

Part 7: We have almost all items we need for the vaccine, just one left. But we must hurry!

  • Collect the reward from the Cauldron 3 times
  • Find 18 Pumpkins on your Island
  • Find 25 Wool from the Sheep Collection
Reward: 15 Energy , 2 Lucky Cocktail Lucky Cocktails

Herbal medicine-Super Herbal medicineEdit

Part 8: We can only hope that Doctor Ross medicine will work and that the Tree will not die.

  • Collect Fruit from the dying Tree 50 times
  • Send 30 gifts
Reward: 500 Experience, 2 Courageous Cocktail-Rwd Courageous Cocktail

Saving the species-Super Saving the speciesEdit

Part 9: The Tree is out of trouble now, but you must collect a few seeds just in case and give them to Doctor Ross for safekeeping.

Reward: 2000 Experience , To save the Tree To save the Tree