Clever Monkeys Clever MonkeysEdit

  • Start improving the Lab. (needed: 15 Fabric, 15 Buckets, 15 Scrap Metal, 15 Coal, 15 Glasses and 15 Resin)
  • Find 10 carved Watermelons from the Watermelon Collection
  • Find 12 Grape jellies
Reward: 1000 Coins , 3 Electric bulb-Rwd Electric bulbs

Banana gingerbreads Banana gingerbreadsEdit

  • Harvest Bananas on Your Island 60 Times
  • Find 11 ideal Slices from the Melon Collection
  • Respond to 30 Friends' Requests
Reward: 8 Energy , 2 Cubes-Rwd Cubes

Lab equipment Lab equipmentEdit

  • Finish Improving the Lab (needed: 10 Charts, 26 Cubes, 24 marking Pencils, 16 electric Bulbs, 14 Films and 30 Flasks)
  • Find 3 White Mice from the Python Collection
  • Find 1 Hypnosis Watch from the Python Collection
Reward: Proper Meal-Rwd Proper meal, 3 Books-Rwd Books

Individual tutoring Individual tutoringEdit

  • Collect 5 Curriculae in the Research Bureau (Lab)
  • Create 5 Educated Monkeys
  • Collect Reward from the Research Bureau (Lab) 1 time
Reward: 500 Experience , 4 Banana-Rwd Banana Trees
Educated Monkey-Sell

Bananas in Chocolate Bananas in ChocolateEdit

  • Finding 13 Bananas in Chocolate on your own island
  • Sell 5 grown-up Educated Monkeys
  • Send 30 free gifts
Reward: 4 Eggplant-Rwd Eggplants , 2 Banana tart-Rwd Banana tarts.
Hint: When you sell your Educated Monkeys, you will get "monkey bags" Monkey-bag as a reward.
Although it says "Use", do NOT use them yet, as you will need them for part VIII of the quest.

Well-fed monkeys Well-fed monkeysEdit

  • Harvest Kiwi on friends' islands 75 times
Reward: 4 Corn-Rwd Corn , 2 Flashlight-Rwd Flashlights

Culture exchange Culture exchangeEdit

  • Feed 60 Educated Monkeys on friends' islands
  • Harvest 30 Corn patches on your island
  • Find 8 Monkey Masks on your island
Reward: 2 Electric bulb-Rwd Electric bulbs , 5 Books-Rwd Books

Getting over Stress Getting over StressEdit

  • Drive the Tiger away 3 times
  • Feed Educated Monkeys on your island 10 times
  • Open 5 Monkey Bags
Reward: 10 Amulet-Rwd Amulet , Best student-Rwd Best student


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