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Elders' Gift Small seedEdit

  • Seed 12 Strawberry patches (costs: 54 Coins per patch)
  • Harvest 12 Strawberry patches on your island
  • Help friends 10 times
Reward: 500 Coins , 3 Zebra-Rwd Zebra

Strawberry jam Strawberry jamEdit

Reward: 3 Energy, 3 Tomato-Rwd Tomato plants


Reward: 50 Wood , 3 Kiwi-Rwd Kiwi Trees

Add Spices Add SpicesEdit

Reward: 75 Food , 2 Fresh water Sweet Water

Rice fields Rice fieldsEdit

  • Seed 25 Rice patches (costs: 498 Coins per patch)
  • Obtain 12 Fresh Water
  • Chase away 5 Boars (Wild Hogs)
Reward: 150 Wood , 3 Sheep-Rwd Sheep

Simple food Simple foodEdit

  • Find 7 servings of Steamed Rice
  • Find 12 Lamb Ribs from the Sheep Collection
  • Fish on your Island 55 times
Reward: 150 Experience , Piggy' Piggy' Spray-Rwdspray

Ideal climate! Ideal climate!Edit

Reward: 350 Experience , 5 Amulet-Rwd Amulets


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