Fishery Inviting fishermenEdit

  • Hire at least one worker at the Fishery in the south of the Island (need 7 friends)
  • Buy 15 Sheep (costs: 378 Coins per Sheep)
  • Sell 15 grown-up Sheep
Reward: 400 Coins , 3 Energy

Looking for killer Looking for killerEdit

  • Remove 40 of Grass
  • Find 3 Beetles (can be found while removing Grass)
  • Find 4 Caterpillars (can be found while removing Grass)
Reward: 75 Experience , 2 Flowers Flowers

The pier is ready! The pier is ready!Edit

  • Hire everyone at the Fishery
  • Cut 3 of Cane
Reward: 6Wheat-Rwd Wheat , 4 Pig-3 Pigs

Professional fisherman Professional FishermanEdit

  • Fish on your Island 50 times (costs 1 Energy per time)
  • Catch 10 Tang Tangs on your Island
  • Catch 20 Snapper Snappers on your Island
Reward: 3 Poles-Rwd Poles , 2 Zebra-Rwd Zebras

Fishing with friends Fishing with friendsEdit

  • Exchange Fish Collection for reward 1 times
  • Fish at the friends' (Island) 30 times
  • Catch 6 Surgeonfish Surgeonfish at a friend's
Reward: 400 Experience , Refreshing Dessert-Rwd Refreshing dessert

Hodgepodge HodgepodgeEdit

  • Fish on your Island 120 times
  • Pick 3 Silver Rings on your Island (can be found while fishing)
  • Pick 30 Bathtub Ducks on your Island (can be found while fishing)
Reward: 3 Totem , Rock Garden-Rwd Rock garden


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