Floating Debris Start

Floating Debris Floating DebrisEdit

  • Investigate the debris
  • Gather 43 Melon harvests on your island
  • Find 7 servings of Melon mousse from the Melon Collection
Reward: 250 Experience , 4 Hippo-Rwd Hippos

Debris-dr Ross

Knowledge is power Knowledge is powerEdit

  • Speak with Doctor Ross
  • Chase away 12 Crocodiles
  • Feed young Hippos 54 times
Reward: 1500 Coins , 4 Gunpowder-Rwd Gunpowder

Big Bang Theory Big Bang TheoryEdit

  • Find 18 spoiled Eggplants from the Eggplant Collection on your island
  • Make 9 Jackballs (Jack-shaped balloons) (Made at the (improved) Festive Table; needed: 1 Raw Rubber and 7 Energy Energy)
  • Have 16 handfuls of Powder (Buy for Totems or ask from friends)
Reward: 8 Energy , Petard-Rwd Petard

Debris-dr Ross-II

Operation Anti-Croc Operation "Anti-Croc" Edit

  • Speak with Doctor Ross
  • Use the Firecracker to chase the Alligator away
  • Examine the Debris
Reward: 350 Experience , 4 Pineapple-Rwd Pineapples

Floating Debris-Brooch

Blast from the Past Blast from the PastEdit

  • Find out who the Brooch belongs to
  • Find the Black Box in the Debris
  • Harvest Pineapples 50 times
Reward: 500 Experience , 4 Lemon-Rwd

The Orange Sphere The Orange SphereEdit

  • Open the Black Box (needed: 7 Charts, 4 Flasks, 7 Wire Cutters, 4 green, 3 red and 5 blue Wires)
  • Water the Lemon sapling 131 times
  • Find 20 Tin Cans from the Sea trash (waste) Collection
Reward: 3 Amulet-Rwd , Model Plane-Rwd Model Plane


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