Friend of Animals II-Header

Cats family-Super Cats familyEdit

part 1: Cheetahs are predators, so they need a special diet...

  • Buy 75 Cheetahs (costs: 2220 Coins per Cheetah)
  • Buy 120 Pigs (costs: 624 Coins per Pig)
  • Sell 120 grown-up Pigs
Reward: 250 Food , 250 Experience

Cheetah care-Super Cheetah careEdit

part 2: Cheetah care is a real art. Try to master it.

  • Feed Cheetahs on your island 200 times
  • Find 20 Stop-watches on your island
  • Find 15 plush Cheetahs
Reward: 20 Energy , 6 Poles-Rwd Poles

Go cheetahs!-Super Go Cheetahs!Edit

Part 3: It's time to say 'Bye' to Cheetahs and let them to be in the wild. Let's give them some fish for the road.

  • Sell 100 grown-up Cheetahs
  • Fish on your island 500 times
  • Get 100 Snappers
Reward: 5000 Coins , 15 Pineapple-Rwd Pineapples

Squeamish monkeys-Super Squeamish monkeysEdit

  • Buy 120 Monkeys (costs: 2640 Coins per Monkey)
  • Harvest Banana Tree on your island 596 times
  • Find 60 Bananas with Chocolate
Reward: 500 Experience , 5 Mango-Rwd Mango

Melon diet-Super Melon dietEdit

Part 5: Squeamish monkeys are playing up again! This time they want nothing but melons.

  • Feed the Monkeys on your island 255 times
  • Find 49 Monkey Masks on your island
  • Harvest Melons on your island 999 times
Reward: 400 Food , 8 Fabric Fabric

Friends with tails-Super Friends with tailsEdit

Part 6: Kiwi and Peach are a real treat for your friends with tails!

  • Sell 150 grown-up Monkeys 
  • Harvest Kiwi on your island 175 times
  • Harvest Peaches 156 times
Reward: 45 Energy , 10 Zebra-Rwd Zebras

Hippos on the Island!-Super Hippos on the Island!Edit

part 7: Finally it's time for these kind souls! Let's treat them to some local watermelons!

  • Buy 100 Hippos (costs: 4560 Coins per Hippo)
  • Feed Hippos on your island 236 times
  • Plant 144 Watermelons (costs: 318 Coins per patch)
Reward: 100 Energy , 12 Amulet-Rwd Amulets

Friend of animals-Super Friend of AnimalsEdit

Part 8: Just one last effort! Collect your well-deserved badges as a keepsake!

  • Harvest Watermelons on your island 255 times
  • Sell 130 grown-up Hippos
  • Collect 65 'Friend of Animals' badges (buy for Totems or ask friends)
Reward: 5000 Experience , Animals' best friend-Rwd Animal's best friend


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