Flamy Mustangs-Header

1.Pasture arrangement-Super Pasture arrangementEdit

Part 1: Before raising horses, you've got to prepare the island. Horses love wide open spaces.

Great! Colts will love grazing on your Island.

Reward: 2800 Coins , 250 Experience

2.Colts-Super ColtsEdit

Part 2: To grow into beautifull horses, colts will need a special menu!

  • Buy 10 Horses (costs: 18900 Coins per Horse)
  • Have 10 of Milk Formula ((found in the Store/Special) either ask from friends or buy it with Totems)
  • Find 15 Strawberry Leaves on your Island

Great! With this milk formula the colts will grow by leaps and bounds!

Reward: 550 Coins , Kitty Bait-Rwd Kitty Bait

3.Special treatment-Super Special treatmentEdit

Part 3: For the Colts' good growth it is important to keep proper hours and provide them with a quiet life.

  • Feed Colts 10 times on your Island (10 Milk Formula needed)
  • Find 25 Stopwatches from the Cheetah Collection
  • Kick away the Tiger 15 times

Perfect! The bright sun, green juicy grass. What can be better?

Reward: 8 Energy , 2 Milk Formula-Rwd Milk Formula

4.Juicy Grass Blades-Super Juicy grass bladesEdit

Part 4: Horses love to enjoy juicy grass. Perhaps the juiciest grass grows on the Tree Island

  • Find 19 Grass blades with Dew (can be found while harvesting a Flower patch)
  • Find 24 Raisins from the Grapes Collection
  • Send 30 free Presents to your friends

Magnificent! Your horses will become the most beautifull racers!

Reward: 350 Experience , Uncle Sam' Spray-Rwd Uncle Sam' spray

5.Gold Horseshoes-Super Gold horseshoesEdit

Part 5: Horses need horseshoes. But where can one find them on the uninhabited island? You'll have to make them with your own hands!

Brilliant! You've made excellent horseshoes!

Reward: 1500 Coins , Revitalizer 4x4 Rwd Revitalizer 4x4

6.Beautiful Racers-Super Beautiful racersEdit

Part 6: Look how beautiful your colts have grown! But remember, they need careful attendance!

  • Feed grown up Horses 10 times on your island
  • Find 24 Goat Milk on your island

Great! Who could have thought that one day you'll become a horse breeder!

Reward: 8 Courage-Rwd , 3 Piastre-Rwd Piastres

7.Island Breed-Super Beautiful racersEdit

Part 7: If there were horse races on the island your horses would have won!

  • Search out the Ice Island 3 times
  • Find 12 portions of Gaspacho (Gazpacho) soup on your Island (can be found while harvesting a Tomato-bed)
  • Exchange the Horse Collection for a reward

Great! You've grown wonderful horses!

Reward: 2600 Experience  , Gold Horseshoes-Rwd Gold horseshoes