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Housing Conditions Let's have more spaceEdit

  • Start improving the Hut
    (needed: 1 Bamboo, 1 Flowers, 1 Straw, 1 Wood boards, 1 Stone, 1 Plummet)
  • Seed 16 Watermelon patches (costs: 270 Coins per patch)
  • Harvest 16 Watermelon patches
Reward: 45 Food , 75 Experience

New assistants New assistantsEdit

Reward: 4 Energy, 1500 Coins

New house! New House!Edit

  • Finish improving the Hut
    (needed: 15 Wood boards, 10 Mosaic, 10 Flowerpots, 5 Curtains, 5 Paint, 8 Shelves)
  • Buy 20 Pigs (costs: 624 Coins per Pig)
  • Sell 20 grown-up Pigs
Reward: 100 Experience , 2 Zebra-RwdZebras

Resettled ResettledEdit

  • Collect Reward from the Cottage 5 times
  • Make Hot-dogs in the Cottage
  • Find 10 Carribean punches from the Lemon Collection
Reward: 10 Energy , Palm tree in a tub-Rwd Palm tree in a tub

Let's accept greetings Let's accept GreetingsEdit

  • Collect 10 'Happy Homewarming!' cards
  • Find 3 Alarm-clocks from the Hut Collection
Reward: Wooden Swing-Rwd Wooden swing , Sports Equipment-Rwd Sport equipment


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