Winter comes back-Super Winter comes backEdit

  • Examine the Ice Floe (Flow) on the Ice Island (examine it by tapping on it)
  • Find 15 portions of boiled Potatoes
  • Get the crops from the Tomato garden-beds 90 times on your Island
Reward: 5 Energy , 250 Experience

Making it coldproof-Super Making it coldproofEdit

Reward: 150 Food , 2 Stitching (Spool of Threads)-Rwd Spools of threads

Ice samples-Super Ice samplesEdit

  • Find 25 Tops from the Carrot Collection
  • Feed the prehistorical Serpent 2 times on your Island
  • Collect the Ice samples from the Ice Floe (Flow) on the Ice Island
    (needed: 3 Books , 4 Drills , 7 Carpenters gauntlets , 6 Electric Bulbs , 5 Films and 5 Flasks)
Reward: 5 Energy , 750 Coins

Clean ice-Super Clean iceEdit

  • Examine the Ice Floe (Flow) 30 times (costs NO 'Courage')
  • Find 10 of Net (Pure) Energy on the Ice Island (can be found while examening the Ice Flow or opening cages)
  • Examine 70 cages on the Ice Island
Reward: 2 Fire-Rwd Fires , 5 Courage-Rwd Courage

What Could We Do To Warm Up-Super What Could We Do To Warm Up?Edit

  • Have 18 of Fires
  • Find 21 of hot Sauce from the Chili Collection
  • Find 18 Carved Leaves on the Tree Island (Harvest the Tree of Life or plant Flowers and harvest them)
Reward: 8 Energy , 3 Revitalizer 4x4 Rwd Revitalizer 2x2

There and back-Super There and BackEdit

  • Back to the Ice Island
Reward: 50 Experience , 150 Coins

Glass clinker-Super Glass clinkerEdit

  • Examine the mysterious Shatter
Reward: 50 Experience , 150 Coins

Mysterious shatter-Super Mysterious shatterEdit

  • Find all the hiding-places on the Ice Island 7 times (5 random cages to be found)
  • Find 10 of Pepper Coffe from the Chili Collection on your Island
  • Find 15 Coconut shells
Reward: 8 Energy , Uncle Sam' Spray-Rwd Uncle Sam' spray

Academic pursuits Academic pursuitsEdit

  • Find 3 Fern leaves on the Ice Island (can be found exploring the Shatter)
  • Find 12 Microscopes in K.O.'s hut (the abandoned hut) on Tree Island
  • Find 75 blue Petals (plant and harvest 75 blue flowers; harvest time: 2 hours)
Reward: 5 Energy , 8 Courage-Rwd

Small part Small partEdit

  • Examine the mysterious Shatter 30 times on the Ice Island (examine it by tapping on it)
  • Search out the Ice Island 5 times (means opening up every cage...)
  • Exchange the Petrified remains Collection for a reward (3 times)
    (Items for the collection can be obtained by exploring the Shatter)
Reward: 2500 Experience , Mysterious Shatter-Rwd Mysterious Shatter