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Someone in the Tikki tribe is very ill, and the elders have traveled to Volcano Sibbo for a week. You'll do something to help, won't you?

--------------------------------------------------------------Time Limit: 5 days------------------------------------------------------------

Differential Diagnosis Differential DiagnosisEdit


Part 1: Yet another misfortune has befallen poor Undugi. Perhaps you can help him somehow?

  • Speak with Undugi
  • Speak with Doctor Ross
  • Inspect the Peacock
Reward: 150 Coins , 50 Experience

We need a Bandage We need a BandageEdit


Part 2: To heal the Chief's favorite peacock, you'll need a way to make a bandage. The island doesn't have bandages lying around, but it must have at least something that'll do the trick.

Reward: 1000 Coins , 4 Potatoe-Rwd Potatoes

Twelve Blades Twelve BladesEdit

Part 3: Many therapeutic plants grow on the island, but none are more effective than leaves from the Tree.

  • Find 12 Rose"(Grass-blades) Petals from the (Tree) Flowers Collection
  • Gather 38 white Petals
  • Find 12 servings of boiled Potatoes
Reward: 5 Energy , 4 Goat-Rwd Goats

Old recipes Old recipesEdit

Part 4: Just a little bit more left. Hurry! There's not time!

  • Investigate the Temple on your Island 65 times.
  • Find 12 portions of Goat's milk.
  • Find 9 Cabbage leaves.
Reward: 100 Food , Peacock Medicine-Rwd Peacock Medicine

A Team Game A Team GameEdit

Part 5: The medicine is ready! But how can we explain to the Peacock that he needs to take it? We need a team here.

  • Begin constructing a medical team
  • Collect the maximum Jack's Bonus 10 times
  • Feed the Monkeys 45 times
Reward: 500 Experience , 4 Hippo-Rwd Hippos

A Peacocks Diet A Peacock's DietEdit

Part 6: Looks like the medicine is working. But the Peacock will recover more quickly if you give some thought to its diet.

Reward: 10 Energy , 4 Ostrich-Rwd Ostriches

Bed Mode Bed ModeEdit

Part 7: What? New symptoms? That can't be! This patient needs rest!

  • Drive the Tiger away 7 times
  • Treat the Peacock 42 times
  • Find 15 Fans from the Ostrich Collection
Reward: 750 Experience , Jack Cocktail-Rwd Jack Cocktail

Healing HealingEdit

Part 8: The Peacock is almost back to normal, but the medicine is making it thirsty. It shouldn't be hard to find some clean water!

  • Have 32 Fresh Water
  • Fish on your Island 75 times
  • Find 17 glasses of Tomatoe Juice on your Island
Reward: 5 Amulet-Rwd Amulets , Peacock-Rwd Peacock