Upgrading the Workshop Upgrading the WorkshopEdit

  • Start upgrading the Workshop to Carpenter's House (needed: 5 Wood boards, 5 Nails, 5 Stones, 5 Coal, 5 Resin, 5 Straw)
  • Plant 30 Watermelons (costs: 318 Coins per patch)
  • Harvest 30 Watermelons
Reward: 2 Wood boards , 3 Matches Matches

Take the plane! Take the plane!Edit

  • Make 5 Blocks in the Workshop
  • Seed 50 Corn patches (costs: 270 Coins per patch)
  • Find 15 Corn Cakes
Reward: 1500 Coins , Extra nutrition Extra Nutrition Formula for Hens

The house is finished! The house is finished!Edit

  • Finish upgrading the Workshop to Carpenter's House (needed: 20 Wood boards, 1 Carpenter's gauntlets, 2 Fretsaw, 25 Drill, 12 Glue, 25 Marking pencils)
  • Harvest crops at friends' vegetable patches, 20 times
  • Find 15 Gazpacho servings from the Tomatoes Collection
Reward: 40 Food , Alarm clock-Rwd Alarm clock

Streetlamps and Fences Streetlamps and FencesEdit

  • Create 6 Homemade Streetlamps in the Carpenter's House
  • Create 4 Homemade Fences in the Carpenter's House
  • Feed your Zebra 45 times
Reward: 10 Energy, 2 Pretty Pebble-Rwd pretty Pebbles

Rocking chair Rocking chairEdit

  • Make a Rocking Chair in the Carpenter's House
  • Collect Carpenter's House reward on your Island 4 times
  • Find 15 Scissors from the Sheep Collection
Reward: 2500 Coins , Tea-table-Rwd Tea Table

How neat How neatEdit

  • Make 4 Mosaic Fences in the Carpenter's House (Workshop) (costs: 3 Mosaic , 3 Wooden blocks per Fence)
  • Make 6 Mosaic Alleys in the Carpenter's House (Workshop) (costs: 2 Mosaic , 5 Energy per Tile)
  • Find 2 planes from the Workshop Collection
Reward: 25 Energy, Big Pond-Rwd Big Pond


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