Preparing a nest Preparing a nestEdit

  • Buy Jack the Baby Bird (costs: 1200 Coins , 12 Wood)
  • Feed Your Goats 20 times
  • Find 7 Goat Milk Jars from the Goat Collection
Reward: Fabric Fabric , 2 Paint Paint

Apricot stock Apricot stockEdit

Reward: 35 Wood , 3 Vitamins Vitamins

Hey,baby bird! Hey, baby bird!Edit

  • Finish raising Jack the Baby Bird  (needed: 10 Bedspread, 5 Rope, 3 Straw, 10 Warmth, 5 Poles, 7 Umbrella's)
  • Seed 10 Peanut Patches (costs: 570 Coins)
  • Find 2 Nuts Bars from the Peanut Collection on your island
Reward: 750 Coins , 3 Wooden block Wooden blocks

Jack is happy Jack is happyEdit

Reward: 250 Experience , 6 Wheat-Rwd Wheat

The parrot's growing! The parrot's growing!Edit

  • Start upgrading Jack the Baby Bird to grown-up Jack
  • Harvest 20 Corn patches on your friends' islands
  • Find 5 Corn Cobs from the Corn Collection
Reward: 6 Energy , 8 Goat-3 Goats

Getting busy Getting busyEdit

Reward: 50 Food , 3 Extra nutrition Extra nutrition formula for Hens

Jack has grown a bit Jack has grown a bitEdit

  • Finish upgrading Jack's nest to grown-up Jack
  • Find 2 melon seeds on your island
  • Find 7 dried melons on your island
Reward: 350 Experience , Barrel with Gunpowder-Rwd Barrel with gunpowder

Feathery friend Feathery friendEdit

  • Collect grown-up Jack's reward 5 times
  • Collect Jack's top Bonus 4 times
  • Find 5 bagels from the wheat collection on your island
Reward: 7500 Coins , Mysterious Cave-Rwd Mysterious cave,


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