The numbers:

Lemon Tree
Harvest timeHarvesting ExperienceHarvesting MoneyHarvesting FoodBuying PriceSelling Price Profit on sell
16 hours4 Experience20 Coins1 Food 1380 Coins 460 Coins -920 Coins

Hint: a Peach Tree can either be bought with Coins or received as a Reward in the following Quests:
Abduction of the Century
Abduction of the Century II
Fire in the Heart
Platinum Fleece
Blast from the Past
Invasion of really wild animals
Invasion of really wild animals II
Steve's Bar
and also as a Reward from the: Jack the Parrot Collection.




Reward: 0 Star1 Star2 Star3 Star4 Star5 Star 6 Star
Pig-3 Pig 1 2 3 4 5 6

You can find items in the Lemon Collection by harvesting Lemon trees.
Collectable Items: Lemonade , Carribean Punch , Lemon Mousse , Lemon Pie , Lemon Segments
The rarest item: Lemon Segments


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