Let's clean the site  Let's clean the siteEdit

  • Dispose of 8 bundles of Grass
  • Dispose of 4 stones
Reward: 300 Coins , 4 Watermelon-Rwd Watermelons  (Achievement: Researcher)

Watermelon field on the island Watermelon field on the islandEdit

  • Plant 4 Watermelon patches from the inventory (costs: 318 Coins per patch}
  • Harvest 4 Watermelon patches

Reward: 3 Energy , 30 Experience

Helping friends Helping friendsEdit

  • Collect 15 Grass on friends' islands
  • Feed the friends' animals 10 times
  • Harvest crops at the friends' vegetable patches 10 times

Reward: 3 Energy , Beach Chair Beach chair

Let's make a emergency supply Let's make a emergency supplyEdit

  • Store 70 Food Food
  • Store 50 Wood Wood
Reward: 235 Coins , 25 Experience


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