A real Robinson dinner A real Robinson dinnerEdit

  • Start improving Festive Table to Festive tent
    (needed: 5 Baskets, 5 Glasses, 5 Plates, 5 Fabric, 5 Wipes, 5 Cutlery)
  • Find 5 Barbecues from the Pig Collection on your island
  • Find 6 Lamb ribs from the Sheep Collection on your island
Reward: 7 Energy , 4 Peach-Rwd Peaches

Tropical shake Tropical shakeEdit

  • Find 7 Peach liquers on your island
  • Find 5 Carribean Punchs from the Lemon Collection on your island
  • Harvest Coconuts on your Island 30 times
Reward: 150 Experience , 4 Kiwi-Rwd Kiwi's

Heavenly Dessert Heavenly DessertEdit

  • Finish Improving the Festive Table to Feste Tent
    (needed: 10 Poles, 20 Colourful Ribbons, 15 Fireworks, 25 Candles, 15 Candies and 15 Silk)
  • Find 7 Servings of Kiwi cream on your Island
  • Find 6 carved Watermelons on your Island
Reward: 12 Energy , 3 Raw Rubber-Rwd Raw Rubber

Balloons for the Feast Balloons for the FeastEdit

  • Make 6 Animal-shaped Balloons in the Tent
    (needed: 1 Raw Rubber, 3 Energy per Balloon)
  • Make 4 Zebra-shaped Balloons in the Tent
    (needed: 1 Raw Rubber, 2 Energy per Balloon)
  • Harvest Grapes on your Island 50 times
Reward: 2500 Coins , 3 Hippo-Rwd Hippos

Balloons... Balloons... You can never have enoughEdit

  • Collect Festive Tent reward 2 times
  • Make 12 Turtle-shaped Balloons in the Tent
    (needed: 1 Raw Rubber, 4 Energy per Balloon)
  • Make 15 Hot-dogs in the Cottage
Reward: 10 Totem , Japanese-style pavillion a Japanese-style pavillion


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