Little Raccoon Little RaccoonEdit

  • Cut down 4 Bushes
  • Clean up 7 bunches of Grass
  • Increase your tribe's size to 11
Reward: 35 Experience , Smoky Leaf Smoky Leaf

Little Raccoon-II Little RaccoonEdit

  • Plant 8 plots of Grapes (costs: 60 Coins per plot)
  • Harvest 8 plots of Grapes
  • Collect all of the ingredients you need to make Little Raccoon better (needed: 5 Raisins, 3 Pounders, 10 Vulture Feathers, 3 Coconut Cream, 3 Fruit Jelly and 3 Lemon Segments)
Reward: 50 Experience , Rainbow Rainbow

Little Raccoon-III Little RaccoonEdit

  • Chase 2 Boars away
  • Chase 1 Tiger away
  • Complete the Healing Collection (collect it to complete)
Reward: 65 Experience , Amulet-Rwd Amulets

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