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One question One questionEdit

Rex -Text-I

Part 1: What's happened on the Thunderstorm Island? Perhaps Professor Nickolay os ready to talk about it?

  • Talk to Nickolay (Nicholas)

When somebody needs your help, you can't stand on the sidelines!

(Note: the iOS-version shows an empty conversation screen.--->)

Reward: 50 Experience , 150 Coins 

Where is he Where is he?Edit

part 2: There are a lot of dogs living on the Thunderstorm Island, but one can't call them kind and true-hearted. Perhaps Rex is hiding from them somewhere?

Perhaps there is something that can diddle him?

Reward: 5 Energy , 3 Sheep-Rwd Sheep

Yummy chicken legs Yummy Chicken legsEdit

part 3: Not a single dog would refuse a delicious piece of meat. Can Rex possibly resist these yummy chicken legs?

  • Find 12 roast (fried) Chicken legs in your Island
  • Find 15 Mutton (Lamb) Ribs from the Sheep Collection
  • Send 30 free presents to friends

Rex! Look what I’ve got for you!

Reward: (750 Coins) , 2 Refreshing Dessert-Rwd Refreshing desserts , Bait for a good Doggy-Rwd Bait for a good Doggy
(Note: on the completion screen, after you finished the task, the 750 Coins don’t show up)

Angry Dogs Angry DogsEdit

part 4: It seems that all the Island Dogs have come, but they don’t answer the description of Rex. They also don’t look very friendly.

Where is he hiding? Who's wagging the tail over there behind that rock?

Reward: 250 Experience , 3 Sheep-Rwd Sheep

Come, Rex! Come, Rex!Edit

Part 5: Looks like someone is wagging the tail. Rex! Rex! Come here!

  • Try to catch Rex 12 times (note: You can identify Rex by the green bar above him)
  • Find 3 plush Sheep on your Island
  • Find 6 Bones from the Angry Dog Collection

Stop! Wait! Gone again. What can you do?

Reward: 150 Wood , 3 Carrot-Rwd Carrots

Surfer-dog Surfer-dogEdit

Part 6: Hey! Wait! What's up? Has the dog just jumped on a plank and gone away? You must be dreaming.

  • Try to catch Rex 12 times on the Fort Island
  • Get the crops of Carrots 45 times on the Fort Island (costs: 78 Coins per patch, harvest time 2 hours)
  • Feed the Goats 50 times on the Fort Island

Amazing dog! How has he reached the Fort Island?

Reward: 1500 Coins , 3 Hen-Rwd Hens

Fidget FidgetEdit

Part 7: What a restless creature! How has he managed to reach the Tree Island?

  • Find 7 Balls from the (Angry) Dog Collection on the Tree Island
  • Feed the Hens 50 times on the Tree Island
  • Harvest from the Tree 75 times (the Tree is on Tree Island)

Great! Looks like Rex has gone for a sail again. Where does hie strength lie?

Reward: 8 Energy , 3 Zebra-Rwd Zebras

A dog bed for Rex A dog bed for RexEdit

Part 8: Phew! He has enough energy to sink a battleship! Perhaps he could help you on the island. You only have to settle a place for him.

Well, if Rex has made up his mind to stay on your island - let it be! Perhaps Nickolay will want to move to your place too?

Reward: 150 Wood , Cocktail Lumberman-Rwd Cocktail "Lumberman"

Rex -Text-I

Good news Good newsEdit

You've got to tell Nickolay as soon as possible that Rex is found!

  • Talk to Nickolay (Nicholas)

What things does Professor Nickolay have to do? You may soon find out.

(Note: the iOS-version shows an empty conversation screen again.--->)

Reward: 1000 Experience , Rex-Rwd Rex