Building material for the Hut Let's start building The construction is at the height Final touches


Some improvements

Let's get started with farming

Let's clean the site Watermelon field on the island Helping friends Let's make a emergency supply

Harvest! Wheat field Let's start with hens Ostrich farm Taking care for ostriches Profit!

Vegetables for fest Fruit for fest Ham for fest Fest! Let's make sandwiches Visit!

Exploring the jungle Mysterious suitcase Aided eye

Workshop Let's assemble an axe Exploring the depths of the forest Find the hiding Burglar's tool Let's make a Pickaxe Hello, Miners! Discovery

Let's build radio cabin Lessons on radio engineering Shrine of science Island science Hello World! Wait for help!

Faraway light Light shining in the darkness Telescope

Time to rest Let's Shake a Cocktail Carry on with it Your tropical shake is ready! Let's make necklaces

We must know!


Daily bonuses

  • Tutorial (start of the game, contains 4 parts)

Tribal garden beds 1 Tribal garden beds 2 Let's have a look around The first tool

Butterflies! I am Nabokov!


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