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'Even on an uninhabited island girls want to be the most beautiful. Why doesn't Dr. Ross take part in the beauty contest?

-------------------------------------------------------------------Time Limit: 6 days--------------------------------------------------------------------

1.Contest traditions-II Contest traditionsEdit

Part 1: First of all you have to learn as much as you can about the Ticky traditions and about the contets itself.

  • Help friends 150 times.
  • Get maximum Jack's bonus 13 (times).
  • Get a reward from the Bungalow.

Sometimes the Ticky's customs may seem strange, but beauty contest is beauty contest, even on the islands!

Reward: 150 Food , 750 Coins

2.Performance dress-II Performance dressEdit

Part 2: Dr. Ross needs a corresponding dress for the performance.

  • Find 9 Grapes (Vine) leaves in your Island. (can be found while harvesting Grapes. Harvest time: 1 hour)
  • Cut 4 trees on your Island.
  • Find 9 Bells from the Cow Collection.

Perfect! In this dress Emmy will be gorgeous!

Reward: 8 Energy , Bait-'Tail'-Rwd Bait-'Tail'

3.Small jewelry-II Small jewelryEdit

Part 3: Dr. Ross ought to be in her full splendor. You've got only to find some jewelry.

Great! Dr. Ross is sure to get first prize!

Reward: 175 Experience , 3 Fire-Rwd Fires

4.A small spark-II A small sparkEdit

Part 4: Why don't you add a small spark to Emmy's performance?

  • Have 26 of Confetti. (Can either be bought with Totems or asked from friends)
  • Have 9 Hand-made (Homemade) Lanterns (Streetlamps). (Can be made in the (Improved) Workshop. Needed: 2 Lamp oil and 3 Wooden blocks  ( Can also  be made in the (Improved) Workshop. Needed: 2 Energy, 2 Wood)
  • Have 23 of Fire. (Can be made in the Tent. Needed: 10 Wood, 1 Matches)


Reward: 1500 Coins , 12 Blue flowers-Rwd Blue Flowers

5.Butterflies-II ButterfliesEdit

Part 5: At the performance, each participant has to tell about herself. Why not add some effects to the tale?

  • Find 3 Cabbage (Garden White) Butterfly (Can be found while harvesting Cabbage. Harvest time: 10 hours)
  • Find 19 Ancient Coins from the Treasure Collection on your Island.
  • Find 15 Grass-blades with dew on Tree Island. (can be found while harvesting the Tree of Life or Flowerbeds)

Lovely! Hovering butterflies will certainly make Emmy's performance more beautifull.

Reward: 250 Wood , 6 Carrot-Rwd

6.A bit of make-up-II A bit of make-upEdit

Part 6: Some finishing strokes and Dr. Ross will win the judges' hearts.

  • Find 95 Flower Petals on the Tree Island.
  • Find 15 Sweet Carrots. (Can be found while harvesting Carrots. Harvest time: 2 hours)
  • Find 19 Sweet Berries from Strawberry Collection on your Island.

Great! Dr. Ross has got a goat as a prize... Sometimes it's hard to understand the Ticky.

Reward: 1500 Experience , Statue-Virgo Virgo