Mysterious temple Preparing for the expeditionEdit

  • Start hiring friends to explore the Temple in the west of the island (need 14 friends)
  • Find 6 Corn cakes on your island
  • Harvest 45 Lemon trees on your island
Reward: 5 Energy , Ostrich-3 Ostrich

Let there be light Let there be lightEdit

  • Do 15 of light in the Tent
  • Find 8 Goat cheese on your islands
  • Find 5 Ostrich eggs on your island
Reward: 2 Cheetah-Rwd Cheetahs , 100 Experience

The Expedition starts The Expedition startsEdit

  • Finish recruiting friends for the exploration of the Temple in the west of the island
  • Feed the Cheetah on your island 30 times
  • Harvest Wheat on your island 50 times
Reward: 250 Wood , 3 Proper Meal-Rwd Proper meals

Archeology ArcheologyEdit

Reward: 10 Energy , 2 Coconut-Rwd Coconut Trees

Lunch break Lunch breakEdit

  • Harvest 40 Eggplant on your island
  • Harvest 60 of your Potato patches
  • Find 20 Fried Chicken legs from the Hen Collection on your island
Reward: 500 Coins , 2 Hippo-Rwd Hippos

Treasures everywhere Treasures everywhereEdit

  • Exchange the Antiquities Collection for reward 1 times
  • Explore the Temple on a friend's island 50 times
  • Harvest Tomato patches on your island 60 times
Reward: 450 Experience , Magic Tree-Rwd Magic tree


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