The numbers:

Harvest timeHarvesting ExperienceHarvesting MoneyHarvesting FoodBuying PriceSelling Price Profit on sell
8 hours5 Experience10 Coins3 Food 5 Totem 250 Coins

Hint: a Papaya Tree can either be bought with Totems or received as a Reward in the following Quests:
Plane in the Sky
Workshop MiniQuests
and also as a Reward from the Hippo Collection.




Reward: 0 Star1 Star2 Star3 Star4 Star5 Star 6 Star
Stone-paved Alley-Rwd Stone-paved Alley24 18

You can find items in the Papaya Collection by harvesting Papaya Trees.
Collectable Items: Papaya Dessert , Candied Papaya , Sweets Made Of Papaya , Sliced Papaya , Papaya Jam
The rarest item: Papaya Dessert


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