Plane in the sky

Plane Crash Plane CrashEdit

  • Get to the Tree Isle
Reward: 150 Coins , 50 Experience
Doctor Ross

There's a survivor! There's a survivor!Edit

  • Speak with the pilot on the Tree
Reward: 150 Coins , 50 Experience

Rescue operation Rescue operationEdit

  • Find 10 rusty Nails from the Dry Vegetable Bed Collection
  • Find 7 Coconut husks
  • Make 15 Planks (Wooden blocks) in the Workshop (needed: 2 Energy and 2 Wood per Plank)
Reward: 5 Energy , 6 Carrot-Rwd Carrots

Building a Ladder Building a LadderEdit

  • Speak with Doctor Ross on the Tree
Reward: 150 Coins , 50 Experience

Doctor Ross-3

Valuable Notes Valuable NotesEdit

  • Find 25 of Doctor Ross's Notes
  • Grow and pick 30 Flowers on the Tree Isle
  • Find 4 Worms from the Carrot Collection
Reward: 100 Food , 8 Watermelon-Rwd Watermelons
Doctor Ross-4

Smart Journey Smart JourneyEdit

  • Speak with Doctor Ross on the tree
  • Return to your Island
Reward: 150 Coins , 50 Experience

Research Greenhouse Research GreenhouseEdit

Reward: 125 Food , 2 Revitalizer 2x2 Rwd Revitalizers 2x2

The Joyful Science The Joyful ScienceEdit

  • Complete the Greenhouse
  • Find 9 pieces of Wool from the Sheep Collection on your friends' islands
  • Find 3 Pumpkin Blossoms
Reward: 250 Experience , Jack Cocktail-Rwd Jack Cocktail

Great News Great News!Edit

  • Speak with Doctor Ross
Reward: 150 Coins , 50 Experience

Materials for Research Materials for ResearchEdit

  • Collect the maximum Jack's Bonus 7 times
  • Grow a plant in the Greenhouse
  • Plant 5 plants grown in the Greenhouse
Reward: 6 Energy , 6 Cheetah-Rwd Cheetahs

Collecting Specimens Collecting SpecimensEdit

  • Cut down 4 Trees (Hint: this can also be done on a friends' Island)
  • Find 5 smashed Eggs from the Vulture Collection
  • Collect reward from the Greenhouse 2 times
Reward: 1000 Coins , Papaya-Rwd Papaya Tree

Second List Second ListEdit

Reward: 500 Experience , Rack of Orchids-Rwd Rack of Orchids



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