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-------------------------------------------------------------Time Limit: 5 days----------------------------------------------------------------

1. Balanced Feeding Balanced FeedingEdit

Part 1: Milk formula is very important for a young hippo good growth! You've got to think of a slender store!

  • Get the crops of Wheat 25 times on your Island. (Harvest time: 24 hours)
  • Have 10 of Milk Formula. (Can either be bought with Totems or asked from friends)
  • Send 10 free Presents to your friends. (Maximum 15 per day)

You're doing great! The Hippo grows by leaps and bounds!

Reward: 150 Food , Royal Hippopotamus-Rwd Royal Hippopotamus

2. The Rarest Colour! The rarest colour!Edit

Part 2: You've got a new pet! Find a cozy place for it on the Island!

  • Place the Blue Hippo on your Island. (Can be found in your Inventory)

Great place! The little Hippo is sure to love it!

Reward: 3 Corn-Rwd Corn

3. Sweet Tooth Sweet ToothEdit

Part 3: Of course Hippos love tasty yummies. You've got to make a store of its favourite food. But don't forget about the other animals!

  • Get the crops of Carrots 35 times on you Island. (Harvest time: 2 hours)
  • Get the crops of Kiwi 25 times. (Harvest time: 90 min.)
  • Feed Sheep 39 times on your Island. (Feeding time: 1 hour)

Great! Everyone loves sweet Carrots!

Reward: 500 Coins , 2 Milk Formula-Rwd Milk Formula

4. Milkshake MilkshakeEdit

Part 4: A milkshake with melon and water-melon? The little hippo is sure to love it!!

  • Get the crops of Melons 50 times on your Island. (Harvest time: 3 min)
  • Find 9 Wool from the Sheep Collection on your Island. (Feeding time: 1 hour)
  • Get the crops of Watermelons 25 times on your Island. (Harvest time: 16 hours)

Marvellous! Who can resist such a delicious Milkshake?!

Reward: 150 Experience, 3 Corn-Rwd Corn

5. Royal Tiramisu Royal TiramisuEdit

Part 5: Will the hippo like tiramisu decorated with blue flowers petals from the Tree Island?

  • Get the crops of Blue Flowers 65 times on the Tree Island. (Can be found in your Inventory/Farm)
  • Find 9 portions of Tiramisu on your Island. (Can be found while harvesting a Peach Tree. Harvest time: 30 min)
  • Fish 55 times on your Island.

You're doing great! Why don't you set up your own animal shelter?

Reward: 8 Energy , 3 Corn-Rwd Corn

6. New Things New thingsEdit

Part 6: A special hippo needs special treatment. Why don't you dress it?

  • Find 9 Cheetah Skins. (Can be found while feeding a Cheetah. Feeding time: 3 hours)
  • Find 7 Carved (Sectile) Leaves from the Flowers Collection. (Can be found while harvesting Flowers; Seeds can be found in your Inventory/Farm)
  • Find 12 Strawberry Leaves on your Island. (Can be found while harvesting Strawberries. Harvest time: 20 min.)

Magnificent! Just look at this beautiful hippo of the rarest breed!

Reward: 750 Experience, 3 Corn-Rwd Corn


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