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1.SL-First Point First PointEdit

  • Accomplish all the points of the Summer List.
Reward: Statue-Island Aeronaut-Rwd Island Aeronaut

2.SL-Second Point Second PointEdit

  • Feed Cheetahs 120 times in your Island. (Feeding time: 3 hours)
Reward: 10 Kite-Rwd Kites

3.SL-Third Point Third PointEdit

  • Make 9 Trees or Palms in the Greenhouse.
Reward: 20 Kite-Rwd Kites

4.SL-Fourth Point Fourth PointEdit

Reward: 12 Kite-Rwd Kites

5.SL-Fifth Point Fifth PointEdit

  • Make 12 Kites.
Can be made in the (improved) Workshop.
1 Knife (Can either be bought with Totems or asked from friends)
2 Bamboo Pipes (Can be found while removing Bushes)
1 Paper for the Kite (Can either be bought with Totems or asked from friends)
1 Kite's Tail (Can either be bought with Totems or asked from friends)
Reward: 12 Kite-Rwd Kites

6.SL-Sixth Point Sixth PointEdit

  • Find 5 Umbrellas with a Carrot from the [Rabbit Collection].
Reward: 20 Kite-Rwd Kites

7.SL-Seventh Point Seventh PointEdit

Reward: 12 Kite-Rwd Kites

8.SL-Eighth Point Eighth PointEdit

(Can be found while fishing on the Pier with the Fishing Tackles. (Can be made in the (improved) Workshop and/or found in your Inventory/Special. Work for 7 min.))
Reward: 12 Kite-Rwd Kites

9.SL-Ninth Point Ninth PointEdit

Reward: 20 Kite-Rwd Kites

10.SL-Tenth Point Tenth PointEdit

  • Find 5 sheets of Rice Paper on your Island. Can be found while harvesting Rice. Harvest time: 36 hours)
Reward: 25 Kite-Rwd Kites

11.SL-Eleventh Point Eleventh PointEdit

Reward: 25 Kite-Rwd Kites

12.SL-Twelfth Point Twelfth PointEdit

  • Get the crops of Melons 65 times in your Island. (Harvest time: 3 min.)
Reward: 10 Kite-Rwd Kites


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