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Melons for breakfast-Super Melons for breakfastEdit

Part 1: Start your day with a refreshing melon mousse and a scoop of ice cream. Paradise, isn't it?

  • Plant 100 Melon patches (costs: 9 Coins per patch)
  • Find 10 servings of Melon mousse
  • Find 20 Melon ice-creams
Reward: 10 Energy, 500 Coins

Goat collection-Super Goat CollectionEdit

Part 2: Goats not only give us their precious wool but also milk, cheese, and many other things!

  • Buy 40 Goats (costs: 150 Coins per Goat)
  • Exchange Goat Collection for a reward 5 times
  • Feed Goats 80 times
Reward: 50 Food, 200 Experience

Pickles and sweet fruit stews-Super Pickles and Sweet Fruit stewsEdit

Part 3: Stock up on some pickles and stewed fruit to have a snack whenever you need

  • Find 20 cans of Grape Juice
  • Find 8 cans of Pickled Tomatoes
  • Collect 20 cans of Apricot juice
Reward: 60 Wood , 6 Pig-3 Pigs

Fruit desserts-Super Fruit dessertsEdit

Part 4: You are not crazy to miss the chance to enjoy the true tropical fruit desserts, right?

  • Find 12 Apricot puddings
  • Find 16 Kiwi jellies
  • Find 6 Banana milk-shakes
Reward: 1500 Coins , Drying rack Drying Rack

Potato soup-Super Potato soupEdit

Part 5: Boil together in water some vegetables, potatoes and spices. Serve with wheat flour buns

  • Have 30 Fires
  • Find 36 servings of cooked Potatoes
  • Find 4 Wheat Loafs
Reward: 12 Energy , 5 Peach-Rwd Peach Trees

Chicken diet-Super Chicken dietEdit

part 6:

  • Sell 60 Hens
  • Find 30 Chicken Fillets
  • Find 12 Chicken Wings
Reward: 100 Food , 500 Experience

Plush Animals-Super Plush animalsEdit

Part 7: It is said that the animals of the island could give you plush toys if cared for and fed properly

  • Find 6 plush Goats
  • Find 10 plush Sheep
  • Find 5 plush Ostriches
Reward: 3500 Coins , Totem Animals-Rwd Totem animals

Let's continue the search-Super Let's continue the searchEdit

'Part 8: Next plush toys to grab: Zebra, Hen and Pig'

  • Find 3 plush Hens
  • Find 4 plush Pigs
  • Find 2 plush Zebras
Reward: 22 Energy , 12 Amulet-Rwd Amulets

The most precious toys!-Super The most precious toys!Edit

'Part 9: So, it's time to find the rarest and most valuable stuffed animals around: the giraffe and the elephant. Then you can brag about it to your friends!'

  • Find 3 plush Giraffe
  • Find 4 plush Elephants
  • Visit 25 friends
Reward: 2500 Experience , Best Collector-Rwd Best collector


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