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Making a Fire Making a fireEdit

  • Have 1000 Wood
  • Have 12 of Fire
  • Help friends 75 times
Reward: 250 Experience , 500 Coins

Dinner for Ticky Dinner for TickyEdit

  • Get the crops of Tomatoes 50 times on your island
  • Find 12 portions of Aubergine (Egg-plant) salad
  • Find 7 dried Melons on your island
Reward: 5 Energy , 3 Cow-Rwd Cows

Late supper Late supperEdit

  • Get the crops of Strawberries 60 times on your island
  • Find 12 milk from the Cow Collection
  • Find 9 portions of Grapes jelly on your island
Reward: 500 Experience , 3 Ostrich-Rwd Ostriches

Fire flowers Fire flowersEdit

Reward: 8 Energy , 6 Sheep-Rwd Sheep

Lights in the night sky Lights in the night skyEdit

  • Find 15 Wool from the Sheep Collection
  • Find 9 Grass blades with dew
  • Kick away the Python 12 times
Reward: 1500 Coins , 2 Fresh water sweet Water

Safety comes first Safety comes firstEdit

  • Gather 20 Grass
  • Have 15 of fresh Water
  • Find the Fire-extinguisher from the Chili Collection
Reward: 100 Food , Piggy' Spray-Rwd Piggy'Spray

Let's add more colours Let's add more coloursEdit

  • Find 75 blue Petals
  • Find 15 green Petals
  • Find 25 yellow Petals
Reward: 250 Wood , 2 Gunpowder-Rwd Gunpowder

Grand show Grand showEdit

  • Have 12 of Powder (buy for Totems or ask friends)
  • Make 5 Fireworks
  • Start the green Firework
Reward: 1000 Experience , Firecrackers-Rwd Heap of Firecrackers


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