A house for the elders A house for the eldersEdit

  • Start building Bungalow (costs: 300 Coins, 12 Wood)
  • Harvest 15 of your Potato patches (costs: 24 Coins per patch; Harvest time: 10 minutes)
  • Harvest 5 of your Kiwi Trees (Harvest time: 90 minutes)
Reward: 20 Wood , 2 Hen-Rwd Hens

Completing construction Completing constructionEdit

  • Finish the construction of Bungalow
    (needed: 1 Bamboo, 1 Flowers, 1 Poles, 1 Clay, 1 Silk, 1 Straw)
  • Harvest 10 of your Wine (Grape) patches (costs: 60 Coins per patch;harvest time: 1 hour)
  • Feed the Chicken 16 times on your Island (feeding time: 20 minutes)
Reward: 30 Food , Apricot-Rwd Apricot Tree

Greeting the guests Greeting the guestsEdit

  • Harvest 8 of your Tomato patches (costs: 108 Coins per patch;Harvest time: 4 hours)
  • Sell 10 grown-up Sheep
  • Harvest 6 of your Apricot Trees (Harvest time: 3 hours)
Reward: 8 Energy , 3 Amulet-Rwd Amulets

Tikki Amulets Tikki AmuletsEdit

  • Exchange Amulets for Reward 1 time (Craft an item including Amulets in the Bungalow)
  • Collect the Reward from Bungalow on your Island
  • Harvest Bananas on your Island 15 times (Harvest time: 8 min.)
Reward: 50 ExperienceZebra-Rwd Zebra

Warrior mask Warrior maskEdit

  • Make Warrior Mask in the Bungalow
  • Remove 15 batches of Grass on your Island
  • Feed the Pigs on your Island 10 times (Feeding time: 6 hours)
Reward: 500 Coins , 10 Amulet-Rwd  Amulets

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