NOTE: Eating Honey Cake increases size of trophy fish caught!

Main Island Edit

Bait of Feathers - Redfish

Bait of a Beetle - Ray Fish

Spoon Lure - Boxfish

Tree Island Edit

Bait of Feathers - Siamese fish

Bait of a Beetle - Longhorn cowfish

Spoon Lure - Fly Fish

Fort Island Edit

Bait of Feathers - Balloonfish

Bait of a Beetle - Swordfish

Spoon Lure - Hammerhead

Firefly Bait - Tigershark

Thunderstorm Island Edit

beetle - Maraena fish

spoon - anglerfish

firefly - tiger shark

feather - squid

Lollipop Island Edit

Bait of Bonbons -

Bait of Beetle - Seahorse

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