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The house under the Oak-tree The house under the Oak-treeEdit

Part 1: To raise pigs, one has to have special conditions on the island. First of all you have to build a cozy house for them.

  • Start building The House under the Oak-tree. (costs: 8040 Coins and 48 Wood)
  • Get the crops of Bananas 50 times on your Island. (harvest time: 7 minutes)
  • Find 9 portions of boiled Potatoes. (Can be found while harvesting Potatoes. Harves time: 10 min.)

Great! New residents will love the house you've built!

Reward: 150 Experience , 2500 Coins

Balanced feeding Balanced feedingEdit

Part 2:Wild boars are quite unpretentious in food, but they won't eat anything. You've got to think well about their menu.

  • Find 12 Strawberry Leaves on your Island. (Can be found while harvesting Strawberries. Harves time: 20 min.)
  • Use 5 Cocktails. (can be crafted in Steve's Bar and/or found in your Inventory/Special)
  • Find 5 Carved Watermelons on your Island. (Can be found while harvesting Watermelons. Harves time: 16 hours)

Perfectly balanced feeding - is just what wild piglets need for growing!

Reward: 250 Wood , 6 Wheat-Rwd Wheat

Home decoration Home decorationEdit

Part 3: Very soon everything will be ready for raising wild boars!

  • Finish building The House under the Oak-tree
    (Needed: 18 Bamboo, 18 Bricks, 18 Paint, 18 Wood Boards, 18 Leaves and 18 Glass)
  • Find 12 Pickled Peppers on your Island
  • Get the crops of Wheat 30 times on your Island (harvest time: 24 hours)

Great! You've built a beautiful house!

Reward: 8 Energy , 2 Milk Formula-Rwd Milk Formula

Treat for piglets Treat for PigletsEdit

Part 4: You can't buy wild boars in a regular shop. First you have to lure them. To do this you'll need thear favourite treat - acorns!

  • Feed grown up Pigs 50 times on your Island
  • Find 20 Acorns (can be found while feeding a Pig)
  • Have 15 of Milk Formula ((found in the Store/Special) either ask from friends or buy it with Totems)

Great! Wild piglets are sure to come enjoy the acorns you've collected.

Reward: 250 Experience , 5 Acorn-Rwd Acorns

New residents New residentsEdit

Part 5: Everything is ready! It's time to settle wild, but very cute piglets on your Island!

  • Buy (need to be crafted) 3 Wild Boars in the House under the Oak-tree
    (needed: 9850 Coins and 10 Acorns per Wild Boar)
  • Find 12 Tops from the Carrot Collection on your Island

Great! With your care the piglets must grow by leaps and bounds!

Reward: 150 Food , 6 Eggplant-Rwd Eggplants

Truffle hunt Truffle huntEdit

Part 6: These wonderful animals may be very useful. Do you know that they can find truffles?

  • Feed grown up Wild Boars 9 times on your Island (needed: 4 Milk Formula per Boar)
  • Find 9 rotten Aubergines on your Island (part of the Eggplant Collection)
  • Get a reward from the House under the Oak-tree 2 times

Great! The Ticky Elders even find gold with the help of wild boars!

Reward: 3 Clay Clay , 3 Piastre-Rwd Piastres

Golden Boar Golden BoarEdit

Part 7: The Ticky hunters say they see sometimes a golden boar in the jungle. Perhaps you'll manage to tame it?

  • Find 12 Banana skins from tne Banana Collection on your Island
  • Have 15 of Clay
  • Find a Plush Pig

Great! You've tamed the golden boar! Just one so far, but it's just the beginning!

Reward: 2000 Experience , Golden wild Boar-Rwd Golden wild Boar